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randomly occupying slots on E1

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Can you describe in more detail what you are trying to achieve?

Are you trying to have outgoing calls made on a random channel instead of "lowest available" or "highest available"? If so then do you have a system that only makes outgoing calls on all of the E1 channels without accepting any incoming calls?

If your system does accept incoming calls as well then its best to configure the system in such a way that reduces/prevents incidents of an outgoing call being attempted on a channel which has an incoming call arriving on it at exact same time.

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we have 2 ISDN ports. the first one has 30 input channels and the second one has 30 output channels. We want outgoing connections on 2 ISDN to select channels randomly.

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Using a random approach to outgoing channel selection is not supported in current VoiceGuide release. Currently possible channel selection/hunting approaches are "Lowest Available" and "Highest Available" - with the channels that can be used for outgoing calls set in Config.xml, or in the set of channels to use specified in in the call options themselves.

Developers confirmed that we can add this channel selection ("Channel Hunting") approach into future releases. This would however require you to update your  system to the newer version when it is released. Let us know if you would like to proceed with this.

As a note: other Channel Hunting/Selection approaches that could be implemented would be: "Round Robin", "Most Idle" and "Least Used". If you prefer then we can implement any of those instead of the "Random" approach

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Note that you are currently able to specify what channel(s) should be used for the outgoing call. This can be set on all outgoing calls - both the calls loaded through the Dialer, or when making the 2nd leg of a Bridged Transfer call.

So you currently have full control over what specific channel or a free channel from a set of channels the outgoing call should be attempted on.

If setting a specific channel to be used you should however first ensure that that channel selected is currently free. Current status of lines can be retrieved by parsing it out from the status returned by: http://localhost:7131/v1/ivr/port/all or WCF interface's State_ForDisplay(), or by querying individual channel status using CommandLink's Line_State(line_id)

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