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Dialogic HMP is not supported under Hyper-V.

If you want to deploy on a Virtual Machine then you will need to use a VmWare ESXi based Virtual Machine (managed by vCenter Server).

from: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/install_v7_dialogichmp.htm :


VoIP/SIP deployment can be made on a physical server, or on a VMware ESXi based Virtual Machine.


You are still able to develop scripts and make test calls when running the 1-line evaluation version in Hyper-V VM. If you are having problems with SIP calls not arriving on system then the issue would most likely be with the networking and Firewall configurations.

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WireShark shows SIP INVITE messages sent from MicroSIP on to Looks like those were then getting blocked by the Firewall ?



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Hello, I see that in the previous version 7.5 if it is possible to activate the license.

Please your confirmation to acquire the licenses.

Diego mino

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 16.18.31.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-28 at 16.18.51.jpeg

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Please contact sales@voiceguide.com for all license related enquiries.

Note that Hyper-V VMs were never supported by HMP. Only VMware ESXi VMs were ever supported by HMP.

Older versions of VoiceGuide license manager just did not explicitly display the "NOT SUPPORTED" warning when installed on Hyper-V VMs.

(In practice, Hyper-V can be used for development/testing with the 1 line HMP evaluation license)

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Only real physical systems or ESXi based Virtual Machines are supported by Dialogic HMP.

Any production deployment that uses that uses Dialogic HMP must be made on a real physical system or ESXi based Virtual Machine.

If using ESXi then the VMs must be set up managed with a vCenter Server.

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