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Line status not showing lines.

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Hello Support Team, 

We are facing a problem where no lines are shown in line status in one of our installation of Voiceguide + HMP with 4 lines running on windows 7.

This installation was recently upgraded from VG 7.2 -> VG 7.4.4 and HMP SU 291 -> 354 (the same versions we have in at least 20 installations). 

I'm attaching vgEngine and Ktel log files and the screen of ip media server demo.

Please advice what the problem might be.






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Traces show errors when calling Dialogic functions.

Was Windows' restarted after installing the new version of HMP?

When upgrading HMP from one version to another the recommend approach is:

  1. Fully uninstall Dialogic HMP. Do NOT save configurations etc.
  2. Restart Windows. HMP will automatically run further uninstall tasks after Windows restart.
  3. Install new version of HMP
  4. Restart Windows. HMP will not work until after Windows has been restarted after the install.


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