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Port-grid.html will lose callflow information after caller hangup the call

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I would like to ask port-grid.html will lose callflow information such as port, status and call length after caller hangup the call? Thank you.

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The port-grid.html dashboard is simplified web based version of the Line Status Monitor. It is accessible at: http://host:7140/status/port-grid.html where "host" is address of VoiceGuide machine.

port-status.html demonstrates reading the the current port status from the "http://host:7131/v1/ivr/port/all" API, and then displays the current data. As you can see in the port-grid.html source code.

If there is no call on the line then the status will show "Waiting for Call", and other call relates information will be blank.

The Line Status Monitor app has more features then the web based port-grid.html display, and has options to display more more call-related data.

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