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VB script can't go to next script

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Update your "Credit Card Payment.vgs" script to this:

Credit Card Payment.vgs


To take a "Success" path from a "Run VBScript / Run JavaScript" module you need to explicitly return a "Success" or equivalent from the script back to VoiceGuide. Otherwise VoiceGuide wil take a "Fail" path (and hangup if "Fail" does not exist).

You did not have a ""Success" returned in the "WriteText" module, that's why the call was hung up - as "Fail" path was not defined.

From https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/modvbs.htm :



A "Success" or Result Variable list must be returned to VoiceGuide (either though a Run_ResultReturn COM function or a Result File) in order for it to go down the Success path.

If no result is returned then the "Fail" path is taken after the VBScript completes.

Calls to Script_Gosub(), Script_Goto() and Script_Return() functions result in immediate running of the next module.



In the modified script posted above the "Success" return was added to the "OutPutCallId" module, and the modules "WriteTExt" and "NextScript" were merged into one:




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