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I would like to ask how to update VoiceGuide software? I just download the latest version from the website. Than, I install it. Or, I need to uninstall the software. Then, I install the latest version of software. Thank you.

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Do NOT uninstall existing VoiceGuide. Uninstalling will remove all the configuration files.


To update to newer version of VoiceGuide:


1. Stop VoiceGuide Service.

     VoiceGuide Service can be stopped by clicking on the VoiceGuide Service Monitor in the Windows's Icon Tray on bottom right of the taskbar and selecting "Stop".


2. Exit all VoiceGuide programs.

This  includes the Service Monitor applet in the Icon Tray area in bottom right of the screen,  as well as the Script Designer, Line Status Monitor, etc.


3. Run the VoiceGuide install and install into same directory as existing installation.

    (Do NOT uninstall the previous VoiceGuide installation).


4. Start VoiceGuide service.


Note: Running a VoiceGuide install over the top of an existing install will NOT overwrite existing configuration or license files (Config.xml, ConfigLine.xml, VG.INI, etc) and will not remove any of users script or sound files, and will not remove any log files etc.

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