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Hola Buenos dias,


Por favor su ayuda .. tengo el ivr voiceguide v5 con una tarjeta dialogic de 4 canales, solo quiero utilizar 2 canales, que tengo que hacer para ello, porque por default me aparecen las 4 lineas y al momento de marcar 2 de ellas me salen con extensiones ocupadas.


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Please help .. I have the ivr voiceguide v5 with a 4-channel dialog card, I only want to use 2 channels, which I have to do for it, because by default all 4 lines appear and when I dial 2 of them I get them with busy extensions.

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Are you placing outgoing calls and only want the outgoing calls to be made on the two lines that have the lines connected to them?

In VoiceGuide v7 it is possible to mark which lines can be used to make outgoing calls.

This is settable in Config.xml file (in VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory) in entry <AllowDialOut>


This entry enables outgoing calls on the channel:



And this entry disables outgoing calls on the channel:


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