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Voiceguide start up error

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In serveral Windows 10 system in which we have already installed the Dialogic HMP and Voiceguide (both the newest version downloaded fm Voiceguide.com and the application has run normally before, suddenly, we ecounter error in starting up Voiceguide, messag in the log files:

125121.369 service_OnStart start directory=C:\Program Files\VoiceGuide\
125121.674 vgEngine init
125121.675 vgEngine start call
125123.371 service OnStart while loop enter
125223.447 vgEngine start error: error_init sr
125223.548 service OnStart wait loop exit : [error_init sr]
125223.548 service OnStart vgEngine start returned error. setting ExitCode = -10
125223.549 service_OnStop start
125253.550 service_OnStop end


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Please .ZIP up the entire contents of the VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory.

Then please post the .ZIP file here.

We can then see what is happening on this system.

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You cannot have any other VoIP software installed on same system. If you have any soft-phones installed on the same system the please remove them.


from https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/install_v7_dialogichmp.htm :



NOTE: The testing softphone MUST NOT be installed on the same system as Dialogic HMP.

It must be installed on some other system.

There can be no other SIP software that uses SIP 5060 port installed on same system as Dialogic HMP.

Only one software can use the SIP 5060 port at a time.

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