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Record into new file when silence heard

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Question was asked about how to record into separate files when it is known that the sound spoken on the line will have silences in it.

In answer: this is easily achieved by just setting the silence length, and then recording as usual. The "on {silence} goto [...]" path will be taken when silence is encountered. The "on {silence} goto [...]" path can just point to another Record module to continue recording into new file after the silence.

Here is a sample script created to demonstrate how this is done:


Here is the .VGS file itself (open .VGS in VoiceGuide Script Editor):


The above demo script sets the silence length to be 1 second, and then records up to 4 sound files with script moving to next record module whenever a 1 second silence is heard.

To test this a call was placed into the system and this sound file was played when the "test1.vgs" script answered:



The sound file is a recording of a person saying 1 to 16, with 1.1 second silence gap after each 4th number spoken.

When tested, the system detected the 1 second silence gaps and as expected recorded this into 4 separate sound files.

Here is the  vgEngine trace capturing the call:


and here are the 4 sound files recorded:





Here is one of the files opened in Audacity:





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Please post the vgEngine trace capturing the call, and the recording made by [rec 1] module.

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Please also post the sound file recorded by the 'record' type module. Trace shows it is this file: C:\callrecord\1.wav

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