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Announced Transfers

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Hi Support


We are trying to create an announced transfer (where the agent presses 1 to accept the call). We've setup a transfer module as announced, we have a MOH file for the caller and we are playing an announced message to the agent to press 1 to accept the call. The agent has heard the message twice, but most of the time it automatically connects the caller as soon as the agent answers the call. 

I've attached the transfer part of our test call from this morning where it connected immediately, it looks like it is taking the success path (voice detection?). 

Currently we are looking for these conditions in the transfer module: 

on {timeout 20} goto [2ndAgent]
on {1} goto [Set1]
on {success} goto [Set1]
on {fail} goto [2ndAgent]
on {busy} goto [2ndAgent]
on {fax} goto [2ndAgent]
on {OTHER_LEG_Disconnected} goto [2ndAgent]





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Please update system to current VoiceGuide release (v.7.6.22) and see if you still encounter issues with this version.

If you still encounter issues please post vgEngine trace capturing the problem.

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