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Cannot detect DTMF if called by landline analog phone

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We tried some standard call flow of Voiceguide, found that the system can detect the DTMF key we entered if we use mobile phone to call, but cannot detect the DTMF key we entered if we use a land line analog phone to call. Seems the Dialogic board has problem to detect DTMF if we call from a landline analog phone, which generate the DTMF tone by the telephone, not by the Telco (in mobile phone communcation, the DTMF tone should be generated by the telephone company?) Is there any parameters in the configure file we can change?

We did not encounter the same problem if we run other IVRS application development by our company. Therefore, I think the problem is caused by Board parameters or Channel parameters settings?

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Suggest to run some tests to first see what the DTMF tones received by system are like, and how they get detected

Please create a VoiceGuide script that consists of just a single Record module, and then call into the system from the various phones that you use and just press the telephone keypad keys. Then post the recordings made by the Record module and VoiceGuide's ktTel and vgEngine traces (.ZIPed) here.

We can then see what are the actual tones that were heard by the system and what they were detected as.

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We have performed the recommended testing.  Attached files (including the wav files produced by Record module) here.  Kindly refer to the last 2 sets of testing, one is using mobile phone and another using landline.  For both tests, I entered 8 several times once the call is picked up by the system.

Please let us know if there's any configuration/ settings we can do in order for system to be able to detect DTMF entered using landline.



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The vgEngine trace was not included in the posted .ZIP. Please post the vgEngine trace(s) for the day the tests were carried out.

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The key presses from the landline phone are too faint. That's why they cannot be detected. Recommend you check the telephone handset used or  the telephone line connection.



the key presses from the mobile phone are louder, so they are detected:


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