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Eval module hanging up

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I'm having an issue where the script just hangs up instead of going back to a module to get correct input.

When I get input, I pass it to a database lookup.
It selects count(*) so that I can see if it is a correct value.
Then I evaluate it in a module to determine to move to next module or repeat getting digits for a correct account number.


On a value that returns 0 records "121212" it seems to just hang up here

On a good value it goes to the next module

Here are the paths in the Evaluate function (Prem is the next module; Cust - repeate because of bad account number):
on {true} goto [Prem]
on {false} goto [Cust]
on {timeout} goto [Cust]


Am I doing something wrong on the evaluation?


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The hangup at 101618.323 is in the Database Query module. Not in the Evaluate Expression module.

If the SQL query returns no rows or the scalar count returned is 0 (ie: no rows) then the Database Query module will take the "on {fail} goto ..." or the "on {false} goto ..." path.

Try adding

on {false} goto [your_eval_module]

or an

on {fail} goto [your_eval_module]

to your Database Query module.


Or you can just put the paths from the Evaluate Expression module into the Database Query module:

on {true} goto [Prem]
on {false} goto [Cust]
on {timeout} goto [Cust] 

the Database Query module will then go direct to [Prem] if RowCount>0 or [Cust] if RowCount=0 (or timeout)

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This path is not correct:

on {timeout} goto [Cust] 

It is missing the timeout value.

Should be something like this

on {timeout 5} goto [Cust] 

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