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ISDN/T1 Transfer Call

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To transfer a call using ISDN/T1 lines, what do I use?   I don't want to do a dial and conference, I only want to transfer the caller to a new number and let it take over from there.

The documentation talks about dial and conference, but I just want to transfer, unless there is a reason.

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I was able to do a dial and conference, but is there a way to transfer a call on ISDN without tying up a line while the user is on the phone with the other party?

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My telco admin is telling me that we are not using a PBX but that the line coming in is going directly into the Dialogic card and no PBX is in use.

Any advise?

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Very unlikely that the Telco supplying the T1 ISDN trunk would support a TBCT feature.

Having the call routed through VoiceGuide allows you to do things like record the call (and then have it transcribed etc), or have IVR do an after-end-of-call survey to get feedback on agent, etc.

You can also do things like have agent make IVR play sound files to caller midway through call (disclosure statements etc), or agent can send caller back to IVR to do some automated action (over-the-phone payment etc), with IVR then returning call back to agent after those actions are completed, etc etc...

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