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Voiceguide not processing PINs for Area Code 519 Canadian call-outs

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We have a patient that is trying to receive a voice PIN from our call-out process.  They are located in Canada, however, do have visits to our US based hospitals. 

Our ask is to determine if Canadian area code(s) can be processed or if they are blocked due to HIPAA requirements.


This is an immediate need, so if I can receive an answer to the request, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you need logs for this request.  Thanks

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VoiceGuide Dialer will dial any number provided.

VoiceGuide logs will show you what happened on that call.

If you need assistance with identifying where in the logs to look then if you can post logs that capture the time the outbound call attempt was made then we can look at the logs and advise what happened on that call.

However, if this is a system that needs to adhere to HIPPA regulations then you should probably not be posting any logs publicly, but should instead set up a Direct Support contract.Under Direct Support contract the communications with VoiceGuide Support is not done through this free public support forum but through private channels.

Please email sales@voiceguide.com for more information on Direct Support options available.


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