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Call Out: VBScript Error occasionally

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Hello Support,

This IVR server in question is using VoIP for 4 ports.

When IVR server makes call outs, the first VBScript Module fails with message,

"ERROR v7.5.15 - 7.5.6536.22665 (2017-11-23 12:35:31.55) Run_VBS_main_catchall : Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


The weird thing is, the VBScript module runs OK if the call is made via 2nd port; all other 3 ports show this error and stop processing further. (Call-in is OK for all the ports even for the same script.)

If you see the log, I made 3 test calls that show 1st and 3rd call stop at the VBScript module [CheckTaskType] but 2nd call proceeds to the next module without this error.

I suspected "[moduleRunScript]" values in VG.INI (we set to use "WScript"), but changing the values did not change the results.

FYI, there are several more IVR servers that have the same setting values (VoIP, Config and VG.INI etc) without any issues.

What did we do wrong on this server? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.




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I have an update to this issue.

It is not the 2nd port that always successful; a line becomes successful with outbound call IF an inbound call is made on that port once.

In this call, you can see there is a call-in made on 3rd port, then the following call out when through [CheckTaskType] module without an error.

Thank you.


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This system is running an older version of VoiceGuide (v7.5.15).

And this system is set to not use VoiceGuide's default 'internal' method of VBScript execution, but to use an external interpreter instead.

We have tested with later v7.5 version and the current v7.6 version and confirmed that the newer versions do not have this issue when external interpreter is used.

Please update to newer version of VoiceGuide and see if you are still experiencing any issues with the newer versions.

Will send a separate message with direct download links.

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OK, we have tested with the new version on your web site, and confirmed it has resolved the VBScript issue.

Thank you!

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