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How to have script read by answering machine

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I have 2 installations for voiceguide.  1 Uses voiceguide to complete reminder calls for appointments.  This one distinguishes between human answered calls and answering machine answered calls. Which is great.

My second installation is used to repeat a PIN number for new users to a portal site.  I am trying to determine why the logs are answered by a human when in fact, it is going to an answering machine.  I have been able to verify this in testing.

My ultimate goal is to determine how to make the recorded script such that will put the entire message on an answering machine or a person's voicemail should the person be on the phone at the time they receive their PIN.

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Can you please post a trace capturing the calls (preferably both the loading of the calls as well as the outgoing calls itself). This will let us establish what is happening on the second system.

Please indicate which of the calls you would like us to look at. (timestamp or destination number etc)

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In this case, the patient (Phone number - 330-685-2185).  The patient picked up the phone and started receiving the message, but then the message dropped off in the middle and the call-out hung up on them.

The problem doesn't happen all the time, but is a source of problems for the end-users.

I will have to set up a test next week to determine why pin requests are being marked as answered by a human when the call is sent to an answering machine.





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Logs show that call to 330-685-2185 lasted for close to a  minute after being answered, and the system played a series of WAV files for the call recipient and hung up after completing  playing the last sound file (Goodbye.wav).

The sound files played to call recipient were:

  1. GrettingAC_s.wav
  2. Arrivaltime.wav
  3. Say Numbers: 13:00 as Time am/pm - HHNN
  4. Say Numbers: 0805 as Date - MMDD
  5. InstructionsAC.wav
  6. Questions.wav
  7. Say Numbers: 3808986020 as Digits
  8. Replay.wav
  9. Goodbye.wav

and hung up after Goodbye.wav completed playing.

so from our side this call looks fine... During what sound prompt did the call recipient lose connection their side? If there was an issue then maybe the issue with with telephone equipment om their side, as on our side the call completed fine.


BTW. looks like whoever answered the phone did not say (or play) anything after picking up the handset, so system could not even determine whether call was answered by a live person or by an answering machine.


093355.943|state|Dialing (auto) 9(330)6852185 . connected|||||0|0|0|0
093355.944|state|Dialing (auto) 9(330)6852185 . connected, doing answer detection... (DX_PAMDOPTEN)|||||0|0|0|0
093355.947|state|Human answer. Start [C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\Scripts\ACCallReminder\ACCallReminder.vgs]|||||0|0|0|0
093355.949|state|[GreetingSwitch] Evaluate [$RV[FAC]]|||||0|0|0|0
093355.956|state|[Welcome_SAH] Playing wav (GrettingAC_s.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093407.804|state|[MarkReport] DB Query|||||0|0|0|0
093407.831|state|[ApptTime] Playing wav (Arrivaltime.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093409.805|state|[SayApptTime] Say Numbers: 13:00 as Time am/pm - HHNN|||||0|0|0|0
093411.521|state|[On] Playing wav (On.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093412.241|state|[SayApptDate] Say Numbers: 0805 as Date - MMDD|||||0|0|0|0
093413.741|state|[Instructions1] Playing wav (InstructionsAC.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093427.853|state|[PlayQuestion] Playing wav (Questions.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093430.566|state|[QuestionsSwitch] Evaluate [$RV[FAC]]|||||0|0|0|0
093430.568|state|[PhoneSAH] Say Numbers: 3808986020 as Digits|||||0|0|0|0
093438.425|state|[Replay] Playing wav (Replay.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093442.418|state|[Goodbye] Playing wav (Goodbye.wav)|||||0|0|0|0
093448.446|state|Hanging up... [Hangup Module]|||||0|0|0|0


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