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Comparing dates

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To compare dates you will need to use either VBScript or JavaScript (in a Run Script type module).

The expression you currently have in the Evaluate Expression module just asks the Evaluator to compare strings. It is not doing a date comparison.

You can try evaluating this expression:

DateDiff("d", "$RV[SQLToday_2_1]", "$RV[SQLRefund_8_1]") > 0

The above should work in an Evaluate Expression module, otherwise you can try using a Run Script module with either VBScript or JavaScript in it.

Depending on locals you use there may be some confusion about which field represents day and which one is the month in the date format that is used here. Changing the dates to use names for the month may be needed.

More information on VBScript's Datediff function: https://www.w3schools.com/asp/func_datediff.asp

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