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Saying a number back

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We have the caller enter a check number.  We then look it up.  Before we tell them the status of the money order we repeat the money order number back. I'm wondering if there is a setting to make the time between digits shorter.  It is taking too long to say the number back.


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Are you using TTS to speak the number back or are you using the "Say Number" module?

Can you post the vgEngine and ktTel traces capturing the call so that we can see what is happening on the system?

If you can post the recording of what you re hearing that would be good as well.

The "Say Number" module uses the pre-recorded digit sound files and there is very little silence at beginning and end of each digit, so playing back numbers using those sound files should be quite quick.


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We used a piece of software called Natural Reader to re-record all of the prompts so that the standard recording sounded like our prompts.  When I opened up the .wav files with an editor it showed there was about 1/2 second after they recording that was dead space.  Once I deleted that out it worked as expected.  Thanks for your help.

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