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Running Program Timeout

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In another thread, I saw where the Support Team advised the user to increase the timeout for a running program.

The Support team indicated that 1 second was not enough time for the program to complete.

I think I'm having the same issue.  How/where do I increase the timeout for a running program?

I do not see this option in the script editor or in the VG.INI.

232143.093 6 70 23 running program=[C:\Ivr\App.exe], arguments=[70 end], windowStyle=Hide, timeout=1

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A "Timeout" in any module is just a path that is taken after the specified number of seconds if the system is still in this module after that many seconds have passed.

Do you currently have a "Timeout" path in that "Run Program" module? To increase the Timeout in that module you can just increase the timeout value specified in that path.

If you can post the vgEngine trace capturing the call we can confirm what is the actually happening on your system and whether the timeout path is taken or whether something else is happening.

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When I wrote the original scripts I did not use the Timeout path as everything worked fine on the local PC.
I am now testing this across a VPN connection to the cloud.   I started getting several hangups.
I have added the Timeout paths to the Run Program modules and everything seems to be working.

Thanks for your help.

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