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Port Testing

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I've got a system with two 4 port cards in it.  They are both visible on the Dialogic Config manager.  I only see 4 on the voiceguide line monitor and only one card will answer calls. wold like to purchase an 8 port license and would like to test all 8.  

I would like to attache the license to the cards.  Can I get some direction on both topics?




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Can you please .ZIP up and post VoiceGuide's Config.xml file from your system. The Config.xml file is in VoiceGuide's \conf\ subdirectory.

Most likely only 4 ports have been specified to be opened in the Config.xml file.

If possible please also .ZIP up the files created over the last few days in the VoiceGuide's \log\ subdirectory. This will show us the full picture of what is happening on the system.


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