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Install HMP Driver for VG 7

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I'm trying to install the Dialogic HMP driver from VoiceGuide on a new system (hardware and virtual). A test with HPETTOOL64 is successful.
Firewall, virus scanner, user account control are switched off.
Installation of DialogicHMP30_Drivers_for_VoiceGuide_7.5_gen2_375 is in progress. Thereafter, however, no device is displayed in the DCM. Screenshots in the appendix.

I have no idea what I can do ???

Thanks in advance!!!

Dialigic HMP.pdf

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Can you please describe the systems used in more detail.

Are you certain that no other VoIP/SIP type software was previously installed on those systems? HMP and other VoIP/SIP software will usually clash.

Is the virtual system a VMWare based VM ? Is the physical system a desktop/server type system?  What is the CPU and OS used ?

Also please note that HMP seems to have problems running on a number of notebooks.Insert other media

Could you maybe install VoiceGuide on those systems and then post the vgEngine traces that are crated when the VoiceGuide service tries to start. the vgEngine trace will contain details of hardware used and ports open by other software etc.

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Hardware 1:

Intel NUC



64 Bit

Windows 10 Pro


Hardware 2:

Dell Inspiron 15 7000



64 Bit

Windows 10 Pro


Hardware 3:

HP Elitedesk 800



64 Bit

Windows 8,1 Pro


virtual: Microsoft Hyper-V System Hardware 3 und 1

VG log from Hardware 3


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Traces from hardware 3 show:

016 164931.925 10640         WARN  HPET not enabled. Enable HPET timer and restart Windows. QueryPerformanceFrequency 536870912MHz (quad=14227720192557134)
017 164931.925 10640         WARN  command to enable HPET: bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

and they also show that multiple network adapters/drivers are installed on that system:

164929.071   6                    Win32_NetworkAdapter Description : Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM
164929.071   6                    Win32_NetworkAdapter Description : Shrew Soft Virtual Adapter
164929.086   6                    Win32_NetworkAdapter Description : Apple Mobile Device Ethernet
164929.086   6                    Win32_NetworkAdapter Description : Microsoft-ISATAP-Adapter
164929.086   6                    Win32_NetworkAdapter Description : Apple Mobile Device Ethernet

These other Ethernet driver and adapters could be causing problems for HMP.

Quickest approach may be to just reformat the hard disk and then:

1. Install just Windows.

2. Confirm that Windows can communicate over the Intel I217-LM connection,

3. Enable HPET (see command quoted at top of this post)

4. Install HMP (do not install any anti-virus etc at first).

When installing HMP please make sure you install as Administrator, or as a user with Administrator privileges.


Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is a notebook, so would not recommend trying to install on that system.

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Hello Voice Guide Team,

I think I give it up, the HMP application is useless for me.
I have now tried the installation on felt 10 computers.
On no computer !!! was an HMP device, as described, installed.

With this difficulty, i can't install an application for a customer.

Enclosed the loggings of the last computer

- Dell Precision T3400
- Broadcom NetExtreme 57xx, no other networkdevices
- 500 GB harddrive
- 4 GB RAM
- Intel Core Duo E8200
- new installed operating System WINDOWS 10 Pro
- no virus scanner
- Firewall off
- UserAccessControl off
==> reboot pc
- hpettool64 /t ==> successful
- HPET enabled
==> reboot PC
- DialogicHMP30_Drivers_for_VoiceGuide_7.5_gen2_375 with all Options installed
==> reboot PC

==> DCM ==> no device is shown

- install VoiceGuide 7.6.5
==> reboot

if there is interest I can open on the PC a teamviewer ... then please send an email.



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Can you please .ZIP up this directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\log

and post the .ZIP file here. Dialogic's own log files may let us see what is happening on this system.

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Also, do you have access to a system running VMware ESXi?

HMP supports running on VMware ESXi VM instances, and using VMs allows a fast way to create environments into which Dialogic HMP can be installed.

VMware ESXi would be providing a pretty 'standard' environment for HMP to install into.

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Attached the dialogic zip.

I don't use VMWare and have no way to access VMWare.
I only could use Hyper-V from Microsoft.


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Please do this:

1. Stop the VoiceGuide service.
2. Stop the Dialogic service.

Please place the attached RtfConfigWin.xml file on your system - unzip attached file first. (file link at very bottom of this post)

for Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer:
3a. make the hidden directory C:\ProgramData visible
3b. go to C:\ProgramData\Dialogic\HMP\cfg

for older versions of windows and Server 2008 32bit :
3a. go to C:\Program Files\Dialogic\cfg


4. Backup existing RtfConfigWin.xml,
5. Replace it with attached RtfConfigWin.xml (unzip it first)
6. Shutdown and restart Windows.

8. Start the Dialogic service from DCM
9. Once Dialogic service has fully started .ZIP up Dialogic RTF logs in Dialogic's \log\ subdirectory.
10. Please post all the above logs here.



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