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Use newly added Column in Call Que in Script

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Dear Voice Guide,

I have added a new column to callque table i want to use same column in Voice Guide Script.


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Sounds like you want to attach some data to each call, and have the script that runs upon call answer to have access to that data.

Simplest way to attach extra individual data to each call is by placing that data in the "RV" field in the Outdial table in that calls entry.

from https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/outbound-ivr-dialer-introduction.htm :



List of custom Result Variables which can be used by the VoiceGuide script above. The format of this field is [RvName]{RvValue}. Multiple Result variables can be specified by listing as many name-value pairs as needed. eg: [rv1]{val1}[rv2]{val2}[rv3]{val3}


Note that the data supplied through those RVs can be identifiers that can be used to extract further data from other databases etc...

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But i am inserting data in Call Que table from .Net application.I can add "strRV"  when there is column available.

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I got it there is column in Call Que table as "RV" if we place data in this column then we can access.Thanks.

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The "RV" column is in the "callque" table.

(it's "RV", not "strRV" as preciously advised).

insert this in the RV column:


and then in the script you will be able to use:


and $RV[abcd] will be replaced by a value of 1234.

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