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outbound call length

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$RV_CALLLENGTH is the variable that can be used to retrieve the call length. It can be used on both inbound and outbound calls.

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Sorry, my question is about length of transfered calls used in cdrout as Duration value.

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It should be possible to retrieve $RV_CALLLENGTH for outgoing leg of the call.

There is an example demonstrating exactly that in the RvGet API documentation:


note that you use "RV_CALLLENGTH" (no $) and not "$RV_CALLLENGTH" (has $) for the second parameter in this function call:

vg.RvGet($RV[SecondLineId], "RV_CALLLENGTH")

because if you used "$RV_CALLLENGTH" the the $RV_CALLLENGTH would be replaced with a value of current line's call length before running the script.


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