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2 Line Bridged Call Recording

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On 21/06/2013 at 10:03 AM, SupportTeam said:

strRet = vg.Record_2Lines_Start($RV[Conf_LineId_1], $RV[Conf_LineId_1], $RV[Conf_LineId_2], "c:\MyRecFile.wav", "")

i used this for 2line recording but file is creating with no soung please check the attach log.




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Please post VoiceGuide's vgEngine trace file that captures the 2-line recording attempts (the ones at 15:25 an 15:41).

Please .ZIP up all the trace files before posting them and just post the .ZIP file.

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Your Config.xml has a list of "Pool_Voice" devices specified as devices to be loaded.

That Pool_Voice list should not be there. Please remove this entire <Pools><Pool_Voice> section and then restart the VoiceGuide service (to load the new Config.xml). Specifying non-existing devices in that pool is what is causing errors when those devices are attempted to be used.

Can you please advise from where did you get this Pool_Voice information. We will need to modify that source to ensure that it is made more clear under what configurations the Pool_Voice can be used.

Your current HMP license only has 4 voice resources, one of each call handling port. To use the additional Pool_Voice devices you will need to purchase additional voice resources. But you do not need to create pools of devices to perform 2-line recording, unless you have special requirements like being able to play whispers to each side of conversation while recording etc.

Here is the section that needs to be removed:



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I was searching for 2line recording in one of the Forum i saw this and applied any how i removed now its working fine.Thanks

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