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TTS Problem

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I'm facing a problem with tts engine configuration. I'm using Voiceguide 7.5, HMP on windows server 2008, with AT&T Natural Voices as tts engine (Voiceguide with Enterprise License).

The log shows a warning that there is no TTSEngine configured in VG.INI, but the setting is there. And when I tried to use the text-to-speech feature, an error shows up in the tts log file.

Find attached logs and vg.ini files.

Thanks and regards



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This system is currently running v7.5.5

Can you please update to either latest v7.5 : v7.5.21 which is still available for download from our WWW Downloads page.

(or update this system to latest v7.6)

Please post traces from either of those latest versions if you still encounter issues after updating.


To change from one release of VoiceGuide v7 to another:

1. Stop VoiceGuide Service and exit all VoiceGuide programs. (eg Script Designer, Line Status Monitor, etc) and all other programs.

2. Run the VoiceGuide install and install into same directory as existing installation. (Do NOT uninstall the previous VoiceGuide installation).

3. Start VoiceGuide service.

Running a VoiceGuide install over the top of an existing install will NOT overwrite existing configuration or license files (Config.xml, ConfigLine.xml, VG.INI, etc) and will not remove any of users script or sound files, and will not remove any log files etc.


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Thanks, after updating to version 7.5.21 stated to work.

Is there any release notes o change log of voiceguide? 

I saw that there was a new version on the download page, but upgrading is not the first option because of the changes that might "break" my script.

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OK, thanks for letting us know it is working now.

Unfortunately the change log is not public.


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