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Unable to make calls. Using CallCentric

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I was able to successfully completed sip registration. I was also able to successfully receive an incoming call using the DID attached to my Voip provider. I have however having difficulty making calls. Please help. Attached find a copy of my call event log.



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Can you please make a WireShark capture of the SIP packets exchanged during the call attempt. We can then see what messaging is exchanged between VoiceGuide and your SIP provider.

WireShark can be downloaded from: www.wireshark.org

To isolate SIP traffic the following should be specified in WireShark's Filter text box:


Then to save the captured SIP packets go to WireShark's File->Export Specified Packets menu and save the displayed packets as .pcapng format.

Please post that .pcapng file, and also .ZIP up and post VoiceGuide's vgEngine and ktTel trace files that were created while those calls were made

If running the unregistered evaluation version of VoiceGuide please make sure to make the calls within one hour of last VoiceGuide service restart.


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Can you please try specifying your full username/account name as the CallerID when making the outgoing call, including the SIP providers domain name. Like this:


so the entry specified ion the Call Options field would be:



More information on setting the CallerID/username/account on the outgoing SIP calls can be found here:



253 171526.400  7036     fn    VoIPProvider_Register(protocol=SIP, reg_server=callcentric.com, reg_client=17778691320@callcentric.com, local_alias=17778691320@, sH323SupportedPrefixes=)


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Thanks for your help adding the CallID solved the issue. I also seemed to have an error in my vg.ini file. I corrected the entry DialedNumberSuffix=@callcentric.com . Orginally I had DialedNumberSuffix=@sip.callcentric.com which was incorrect.


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