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Plus de temps entre 2 appels.

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Bonjour, comment augmenter le temps entre 2 appels? Mon ISP m'accorde un certain nombre de lignes, ce qui est normal. Le délai entre un appel qui n'est pas répondu ou autre et la recomposition d'un autre appel est trop court, ce qui occasionne que mon système occupe un trop grand nombre de lignes et plus aucun autre appel ne peut être placé. Au final ma banque de numéros est épuisé sans aucun appel réellement placé. Il existe surement un setting pour corriger cette situation.

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Hello, how to increase the time between 2 calls? My ISP gives me a number of lines, which is normal. The delay between a call that is not answered or otherwise and the redialing of another call is too short, resulting in my system occupying too many lines and no other calls can be placed. In the end my bank of numbers is exhausted without any call actually placed. There is surely a setting to correct this situation.

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Please see the "AfterIdleWaitBeforeDial" setting in VG.INI in section [VGDialer]

That setting is already high enough by default, and delay before new calls are placed should not matter on VoIP systems.


You can also limit the number of channels which VoiceGuide can use to place outgoing calls.  Limiting number of channels that can make outbound calls is the right approach if you only want a certain max number of active outgoing calls at any one time.

This limiting can be done either in the Config.xml, or at the time the outbound calls are loaded.

Please see the <AllowDialOut> setting for each line listed in Config.xml

Set </AllowDialOut> to 1 for channels on which outgoing calls are allowed, and 0 if outgoing calls are not allowed on that channel.

After changing Config.xml the VoiceGuide service needs to be restarted in order to read in the new settings.


If you still encounter problems please post traces from your system that show what is actually happening. Sounds like we would need to see the WireShark traces as well.

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