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variable from variable

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we use string with variables to connect with webservice

We get data from database and variable from database has structure like: $RV[database_dataname] and we get string like bellow:


and we need to save this into other variable like: $RV[webservice_path]

but VG in this case save with actual variable available in script like:




how to copy string with variables to other variable?

Each time VG changing variable to value in evaluation module.


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So you would like to create a $RV that in its value has $RV expressions themselves, without them being replaced with the current values.

One approach that could work here is to have the database return a string that instead of "$RV" has some other placeholder, eg: "XXX". So the string returned from database is:


and then in an Evaluate Expression module us the Replace function and save the outcome to $RV[webservice_path]

The Replace function call would look like this:

Replace($RV[database_dataname], "XXX", "$RV")

Please note that the above approach has not been tested.

If the above results in $RV[webservice_path] still having the values of individual $RVs then you could just use $RV[database_dataname] to generate a new $RV[webservice_path] with the current values when needed.


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