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Buen Día, 

por favor necesito ayuda, por varios días intentado configurar la conexión de la guía de voz con Aterisk -Issabel, pero no por lo que logró que me indica que no está autorizado, que realizó la guía de voz, adjundo documento guardado con wireshark .

Agradezco su pronta respuesta...

-------registro de ip con mi central ---------------


pc voiceguide










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Google Translate:

Good day,

please I need help, for several days I tried to configure the connection of the voice guide with Aterisk -Issabel, but not for what it got that tells me that it is not authorized, that it made the voice guidance, attached document saved with wireshark.

I appreciate your fast response...


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The "Realm" entry must match what is returned from PBX/Switch, or should be left blank if any Realms are to be matched.

ie: change:


to either:


or to:



The "Identity" entry must be left blank. The "Identity" is only used in rare configurations.

so also change:





For more information please see: https://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/config_voip_register.htm


The registration will need to be successful before any calls are attempted. WireShark will show whether the Registration was successful or not.

The previously posted traces shows the registration was not successful:


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If after clearing the <Realm> and <Identity> entries you are still encountering problems registering you can try changing:




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ok funciona a la perfeccion... mil gracias,

aura que ya tengo conexion y puedo realizar l allamada  solo me resta configurar la base a una base sql y cambiar la voz del audio a español, por favor me pueden guiar como realizar este proceso


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Google Translate:

ok works perfectly ... thank you very much,

aura that I already have connection and I can perform the call only remains to configure the base to a sql base and change the voice of the audio to Spanish, please can you guide me how to perform this process

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Please see here for instructions on how to set to configuration to use other Database engines.


The default SQLite database that comes with VoiceGuide is usually sufficient for most systems, but any other database engine can be used instead if preferred.

Do you need the VoiceGuide system prompts to be in Spanish? If yes then which ones? Just the numbers?

In most cases if those are needed then those are recorded at same time as the system-specific prompts by the same voice talent that records the system-specific prompts. This way the resulting system has a uniform sounding voice.

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