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triggering vg channel

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we want to achieve triggering vg channel.

My idea is: when caller waiting for connection in waiting line (music on hold) and our database detect caller can be forwarded to transfer module, trigger use VBS command like  "vg.Script_Goto"

How to reach this?

database is on other server so we need connection via LAN (IP).




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Any of the exposed API functions, like Script_Goto, can be called from external programs. There are two main methods of connecting to VoiceGuide's API: COM and WCF.



COM can be used to issue commands from other programs/scripts that are running on same machine as VoiceGuide.

This function is used in VBScript to create a COM object (myVGobj) that is then used to call VoiceGuide's API:

set myVGobj = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink") 

In JScript this command can be used to create the COM object:

var myVGobj = new ActiveXObject("vgServices.CommandLink");

COM objects can be created in other programing languages as well.



WCF can be used to issue commands from programs running on other machines. Those other programs just need to establish a WCF connection to VoiceGuide service. The WCF connection to VoiceGuide service can be established between machines over the network.

The vgIvrService.config file contains definitions of the vgEngine.LineCommandLink and vgEngine.PortCommandLink WCF services which are the ones that you would need to use.

Setting up the WCF client to access VoiceGuide's API is takes more involved programming. Here is some introductory information that covers setting up a WCF client:



NB. Upcoming v7.6 may optionally allow the API commands to be issued using HTTP GET/POST etc. - which is usually easier to use then setting up a WCF channel.  WCF solutions are not that straightforward to implement, so maybe the HTTP approach would be a more suitable option.



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