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VG intermittently ignores calls to Run_ResultReturn "success"

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When my VB script runs the code below...

  Dim vg
  set vg = CreateObject("VoiceGuide.CommandLink")
  vg.Run_ResultReturn $RV_LINEID, "success"
  set vg = Nothing

VoiceGuide ignores it.

The result is that the script times out, and then takes the following path:

on {timeout 3} goto [Fatal Error]

Note: This problem occurs intermittently. I then restart the server, after which it again runs reliably for some time. Eventually the problem begins again. And the cycle continues.

See the attached logs which were generated while the problem occurred.



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Could you please post the complete vgEngine trace file that shows the service startup and everything else up to the error.

The ktTel trace would also be helpful as it will give us more information about how your system is set up.

It sounds like for some reason the VBScript is not running, but to see what happened we need to see the full traces.

There are 2 different ways in which the VBScripts can be ran (the 'internal' and the 'window scripting host' methods). The full traces will let us see which method your system is currently set to use, and it will show us what was occurring in the lead up to the problem.

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It sounds like for some reason the VBScript is not running

I have confirmed that the VBScript is indeed running until the very end of the script. I did this by having the script write to a text file at the end of the code, which it does successfully.

It seems to me: Either either VoiceGuide.CommandLink is not passing on the Success signal to voice guide, or $RV_LINEID is returning the wrong line number.



Could you please post the complete vgEngine trace file

Please see attached.




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Are the log levels turned down to 0 on this system?

there is nothing inside the vgEngine traces apart from the exception entries.

Can you please make sure the VG.INI file has these log level settings:


and then restart the VoiceGuide service.

when problem occurs please then post the vgEngine and ktTel logs.

(please .ZIP up the logs before posting).

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The error message logged in vgEngine shows:

205725.559  31  13   4 ERROR v7.5.14 - 7.5.6515.23630 (2017-11-02 13:07:39.81) Run_VBS_main_catchall : Not enough memory resources are available to process this command

the quickest workaround may be to set VoiceGuide to use the "Windows Scripting Host" to run the VBScripts.

This can be done by setting this entry in VG.INI file in section [moduleRunScript] :


And then restarting the VoiceGuide Service.


Alternatively you can set this $RV in the script:


to a value of


to have "Windows Scripting Host" used to run the VBScripts on that call.



There does not seem to be memory leak from the VBScirpt. The vgEngine trace shows the AvailablePhysicalMemory staying close to 1000MB mark the whole day.

We would need to add more debugging to VoiceGuide to check what parameters apart from memory are affected (handles?) and then we would need to see the actual VBScript that is ran to see what could be the cause. We will add the extra debugs and provide a version with the extras debugging soon. Are you able to post the VoiceGuide script used?


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Can you please provide more information about this machine setup?

Is it a virtual machine? If yes then what is the setup?

If VM then can you increase the memory available to this machine? (by say another 4GB or so).

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the quickest workaround may be to set VoiceGuide to use the "Windows Scripting Host" to run the VBScripts

OK, But why is this not the default configuration in voiceguide?

machine is:

Windows 10 Pro
Processor: Intel 3.5 GHz

Regarding your suggestion of increasing the memory, please explain. If there is a memory leak why would it help to increase the RAM. Note that each time, it runs for days at a time before there is a problem, so it can't be that there's just not enough memory; it does seem to be some kind of a leak which takes days to accumulate.

Note that when this error occurs restarting the VG service, solves the problem.  I am not seeing any change in available memory when looking at the windows resource monitor.



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The default way to run VBScripts to use an internal VBScript interpreter. The VBScript module execution is faster with internal interpreter.

We'd need more information to further look into what could be the cause of issues on this system. We may need to add more logging to the software to monitor the various resources to get this information, but if you can use a tool like this:


to monitor what resources the service uses and see if that shows anything unusual then that would help as well.

So is this a physical machine - but with only 2GB RAM ? Or is this a VM ?

The errors refer to memory related problems, and 2GB is low for a Win10 machine, so increasing RAM would be on our list of things to try at this point. It may let Windows better manage any memory intensive tasks.



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