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Web Service Full Response

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Hi support team, hope you are doing well.

I wanted to know if there is a way of getting the full HTTP response, or at least the full response body of a web service call.

I need this because in my script, if something goes wrong (e.g. server throws a StatusCode 500) we would like log the entire response, or send it via email.



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The full response body is saved in a $RV. Most of the headers are saved as well.

Are you able to post the vgEngine trace that captures the Web Service interaction? We can then identify form the trace which $RVs you can use.

This $RV is probably the one you are looking for:



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That is not working for me. 

A few things I didn't metion:

  • I'm using VoiceGuide 7.4
  • I'm trying to get this response by doing: $RV[$RV_PreviousModule_Result_Data] (which seems to be working, but, $RV_PreviousModule is in another script file.



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Please update your system to current version of VoiceGuide (v7.5).

If you still encounter any issues when using current version we can then assist.


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