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Outbound Caller ID with Flowroute

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Using Flowroute VoIP, I want to send an outbound caller ID separate from the <CallerID> designator used for registration of the call, whether that is a DID or CNAM .  When consulting the Flowroute website, I get this page (https://support.flowroute.com/Phone_Numbers/CNAM/How_do_I_Set_the_Caller_ID_Number_I_Want_to_Transmit).

The documentation seems to indicate this can be done using one of the header fields - P-Asserted-Identity, Remote-Party-ID, or From:.  Can this be done via the Out Dial File syntax in the <CallerOptions> section or is there something I'm missing here?  Any examples would be appreciated.


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The field <CallOptions> field should be used in the outdial XML file.

eg: Saving this:

    <sip-header>Remote-Party-ID: "55550000"</sip-header>

into file outdial_someid.xml in VoiceGuide's \data\ sub-directory will result in an outgoing INVITE like in attached screenshot.

The <CallerId> was placed in the "From:" header, and Remote-Party-ID header was added as well:


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Yes, yes, of course I meant <CallOptions> before, not <CallerOptions>.  When submitting the xml file as you have it above, it still doesn't transmit a Caller ID for display on the outgoing call for Flowroute.  Also tried using the "P-Asserted-Identity" label as is suggested in the Flowroute documentation, also without success.  I have submitted a similar question to Flowroute support.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Do phone carriers not always honor the Caller ID as submitted?  It is difficult to get customers/patients to answer when the outbound caller ID comes up as "Unknown".  Thanks for all your help.

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You will need to ask the SIP trunk provider (Flowroute) what headers they would need to be set, and what the header contents need to be.

VoiceGuide can be made set/add any SIP headers as per their requirements.

If you are not seeing the CallerID coming through on customer phones then this should be raised with the SIP trunk provider. They will be able to verify if SIP headers are set as per their requirements, and generally advise on how the CallerID setting works on calls sent through their trunks/network.

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Thank-you for your help.  Flowroute did respond, and for reference, requires the information as is shown below.  This works.

  <sip-header>Remote-Party-ID: "DisplayName" <sip:12345678901@sip.flowroute.com></sip-header> 


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