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VG server unexpectedly stopped

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Dear Vg Team,


I have opened today my VG server and i have found out the status monitor screen as in the attached image and i could n't hang up any of the calls , i appreciate your support regarding this matter because the service was completely stopped on 29 and 30 of April even the free channel which is were waiting for calls were not working.

Status Monitor.png


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Traces show that the Dialogic HMP would not answer calls on 28th April, returning TASKFAIL to VoiceGuide's 'AnswerCall' requests,.

Please .ZIP up this entire directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\log

and post it here as well.

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The Dialogic trace does not go back very far (it starts from 29th April at 6PM) ,and VoiceGuide traces are showing errors on some calls going back to 28th April.

Can you please unzip the attached file and then replace Dialogic HMP's RtfConfigWin.xml file with the version contained in the .ZIP

Better Dialogic RTF logging is enabled by replacing the RtfConfigWin.xml file with one attached.

On most versions of Windows the RtfConfigWin.xml file file is in: C:\ProgramData\Dialogic\HMP\cfg

After changing the files please restart both Dialogic HMP and the VoiceGuide.

If you still encounter problems please post the VoiceGuide traces that go back to last VoiceGuide/HMP service restart time, and .ZIP of Dialogic traces from C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\log  directory.


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After service restart could you also please do a WireShark capture of some calls arriving at this system. This will let us better see how calls are presented on this system.

Use "sip" in the WireShark filter to only display SIP traffic and save the displayed packets as .pcapng file.

Then .ZIP up the .pcapng file and post it here.

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For about 10 calls or so should be sufficient.

If you can however run it all the time it would be better. For how how many days was the system running since last time it was started until you noticed the error?

Using WireShark's filter setting will ensure only the SIP traffic is saved, and compressing to a .ZIP should make even long traces much smaller.

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 i have used for whole day yesterday , the system has stopped completely receiving any calls on April 28th 4:11 PM then we noticed that day only yesterday.

Kindly find the attached Wire shark tracing logs

VG monitoring.rar

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When was it last started before April 28th 4:11 PM ?

ie. how long did this system run for before you found it in the problem state?

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The posted WireShark trace shows the system worked fine for the 17 hours over which the WireShark trace was captured.

The SIP messages look pretty straightforward.

The new RtfConfigWin provided should now result in more logs saved by Dialogic drivers, over a longer period of time.

If the issue occurs again please supply both the Dialogic traces and VoiceGuide vgEngine and ktTel traces covering the time when the problem occurred. Please .ZIP up any traces before posting.


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