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Password config on Asterisk

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We have a VoiceGuide system on a fixed IP address connecting to an Asterisk service.  The asterisk side is setup as “host=” (Fixed IP – not the real one of course). Whenever we start dialing, the Asterisk system answers with :

[2018-03-27 09:20:42] ERROR[25077]: chan_sip.c:17760 register_verify: Peer 'YYYYYYY is trying to register, but not configured as host=dynamic

[2018-03-27 09:20:42] NOTICE[25077]: chan_sip.c:28633 handle_request_register: Registration from '<sip:YYYYYYY@>' failed for '' - Peer is not supposed to register


Since we are using host=IP instead of host=dynamic, we don`t need registration. How do we configure VoiceGuide NOT to register but just to reach that server knowing that it doesn`t require registration?


All examples on the online documentation uses registrations.


Does voiceguide require Asterisk to use host=dynamic?

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VoiceGuide can place a VoIP call to any IP address without requiring that that address be registered.

You can specify just the IP address as destination. eg:

or you can specify the destination to be:


or you can use a domain name and VoiceGuide/HMP will resolve before placing call:



If you don't need VoiceGuide to SIP register itself then just do not define any registration information in VoiceGuide's Config.xml

ie: remove all the <VoIP_Registration> and <VoIP_Authentication> sections.


Can you please post a WireShark trace capturing the SIP messages between VoiceGuide and the Asterisk sever. We can then better see what is happening on this system and advise.

Please start WireShark capture before starting VoiceGuide service, and then place a call, and then save the capture as .pcapng file, .ZIP it up and post it here.

In WireShark use "sip" as the filter and export only the displayed packets.


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