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MS Access on a Query

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I am using voiceguide to access a MS Access database.


I have a query (qryCheckPin) in the database, that uses a custom function (TextToPhoneNumber) contained in a module in the database. The query runs fine from within MS Access and returns results as expected.


When I try to access the query from voiceguide, voiceguide is returning the following error (from the trace log):


70890 8 [CheckPin] DB Query

70890 8 Jet mode used (To use ODBC mode specify ODBC Connect string)

71187 8 RVreplace start: [sELECT * FROM qryCheckPin WHERE Pin = '$RV[GetPin]']

71187 8 RVreplace end: [sELECT * FROM qryCheckPin WHERE Pin = '27366371']

71187 8 About to execute Retrieve Operation [sELECT * FROM qryCheckPin WHERE Pin = '27366371']

71421 8 ERROR: OpenRecordset: Undefined function 'TextToPhoneNumber' in expression.


Why is this happening? Any help appreciated.




We haven't tried running a scenario similar to what you outline. If you could email the VG script and the Access database to support@katalina.com.au we'll have a look at it to see if it is something we can easily fix.


I take it that normal SELECTS agains a table work fine for you?





Yes, normal access queryies work fine.


I will put the script and database (I'll have to remove most data as it is 'sensitive') into a zip and send as requested.








I've had a chat to our delevopers and they confirmed that the Access DB cannot service this type of query when it's issued from an external program via the 'MS DAO interface' that VoiceGuide is using.


In this case we were trying to do a SELECT on a 'Query' (not a Table) and one of the colums in the 'Query' is generated using a VBA function - the MS Access engine just does not resove all this correctly when the request comes via DAO - apparently there is nothing we can do about this at this point.


Have you come across any other programs (other then MS Access) which were getting a meaningful return of data from MS Access for the SELECT statement you are trying to issue in VoiceGuide?

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