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How To Separate Lines For Testing?

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Hi VoiceGuide Support Team,


I have to separate 2 different scripts on the same VoiceGuide server, 2 lines for live scripts and 2 lines for testing scripts.


So how can i config the customer must call to lines has inbound live scripts and employee must call to lines has inbound testing scripts.


Thank you so much for your support.

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You can set what script is to be ran on each of the analog ports, or E1/T1 channels. This is done in VoiceGuide's Config.xml file.


Also, a common approach is to jump to a different script based on certain CallerID. Please see the "Branching to other scripts and calling subscrips" section in this Help file page: http://www.voiceguide.com/vghelp/source/html/paths.htm


You can use an Evaluate Expression module to evaluate this expression:




and then have a path that matches the test caller's CallerID point to a new script.


eg. if you would like calls from number 5551234 to run the Test script then this path can be used in this Evaluate Expression module:


on {5551234} goto [myTestCallflow.vgs|myStartModule]


and these paths can be used to forward all other calls to the 'production' part of the callflow:


on {Success} goto [nextModule]

on {Fail} goto [nextModule]


The "On {Success}" path would be match all other CallerIDs (other then 5551234 that has a specific path for it already), and the "On {Fail}" path would match cases where no CallerID was supplied.

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