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Dtmf Password

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Hello, how can you encrypt the dtmf entered as password ?, so they are not part of the logs.

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If you do not want to keep a record of what keys were pressed and how the information entered was used later in the call when validating etc. then you will need to turn off the logs that store the events and processing that occurs during the call.


Logs can be turned off by using settings in the [Log] section of VG.INI


Setting the vgEngine and ktTel log level to a low number (2 or 3?) may be sufficient to not show the key-press details in those logs. Only higher level processing is logged at the lowest log settings.


The VG.INI settings are read in at startup, so the VoiceGuide Service will need to be restarted after changes to VG.INI are made.

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Hello, is there any way that dtmf records can be seen as a password? for example if you entered 1234 you see ****


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In VG.INI in section [moduleGetNbrs] you can use the setting DoNotShowNumbersLongerThenLen to restrict what is shows in the Line Status Monitor.


eg: setting




will result in any number that is 4 digits or longer to not be displayed. (message NotShowingNumber will be displayed instead).


So setting:




will result in Line Status Monitor not showing any numbers entered in the Get Numbers module.

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