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Call Tranfer To Avaya

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Dear VG team,


am trying to transfer a call to Avaya SIP extension since am using VG version 7 VOIP and as per to your help file it's mentioned only to list the desired IP address. And from Avaya side we have configured to receive the incoming calls to a specific SIP extension but it's not working.

Please find the attached log and vgs file.


Geidea_AR .vgs

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Could you please do a WireShark capture which is started before the VoiceGuide service is started, and includes the call and transfer attempts.


We can then see what is happening on the SIP level and advise.

135102.413   9  10   3       xfer  RFC3515 transfer to [sip:802@]
135102.413   9  10   3       q_tel +     cmd_TransferBlind 0 [] [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0][sip:802@|||||||]
135102.413   9  10   3 t     timer set   30 sec : EV_TIMEOUT_HANGUP
135102.413  10  10   3       q_tel run   cmd_TransferBlind 0 0 max:2|3
135102.464  23  10   3 ev    Dialogic 2163,GCEV_INVOKE_XFER_REJ, crn=8000003, 2163,0,0,,,

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