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Voicemail Tone Detection

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how to detect or recognize voicemail beep (tone) frequency?


Is one typical VM tone?


or we should detect vm tone, decode and store in config file?








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It is possible to set up custom tones, detection of which would then be reported to the script as events of that tone name.


These 'User' tones can be set in the ConfigLine.xml file. Usually only a few additional tones can be set (depends on card used).


At this time the tone configurations need to be set in the ConfigLine.xml file and hence are only read in at service startup time.


Note that different voicemail systems will use different tones, so you would need to analyze the tones of the systems that you would like to target. Most likely you will then need to and specify multiple tone definitions to ensure correct detections.


Attached recording was of a single frequency tone: 880Hz, 570ms long.

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Was advised that it is possible to create a generic 'beep' detector that will detect when an 'any frequency' beep is played.

Please contact sales@voiceguide.com for more information.

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