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Mutli Line With Evaluation Version

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Dears VG support team



Am using VG version 7.5.8 VOIP with HMP software and it's mentioning that there is availablility with 30 lines in an evaluation version an am trying to do more then a call from the softphone Linphone but more calls will result back that is the VG IVR is busy.

i have edited the conf.xml file and added all the 30 channel's but noting is appearing in the line status monitor.

kindly find the attached compressed file FYR and Please advise.



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HMP evaluation enables 1 line only on installation.


It is possible to get a 2 line evaluation license from Dialogic. Please see: https://www.dialogic.com/en/products/media-server-software/hmp-software/hmp-license.aspx



If you have a 30 line HMP license the you will be able to open 30 channels under VoiceGuide Evaluation version, but the only way to obtain a 30 line HMP license is to purchase it. Please contact sales@voiceguide.com for HMP license pricing.


Also, VoiceGuide evaluation needs to be restarted about every 1 hour in order to answer incoming calls, and place outgoing calls.



No file was attached to the post. Please .ZIP any files before posting them.

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Dear VG support team,


kindly find the attached document and i have noticed one more thing, that is when i press any number from the Linphone after the IVR starts, i don't get any interactivity from the IVR which is look like the IVR is not reading what i press.

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No document was attached.


Was the trace compressed with ZIP ?



Also, if you are having keypress detection problems then please use WireShark ( www.wireshark.org ) to capture the call and post the WireShark .pcapng trace along with the VoiceGuide vgEngine and ktTel traces. (please .ZIP up all traces before posting)



Running WireShark on the HMP/VoiceGuide system will let you see the SIP and RTP packets exchanged.


To have WireShark just display SIP + RTP packets please specify this in the WireShark's Filter text box:


sip || rtp


and when saving the trace (as .pcapng file) specify to only save the displayed packets.

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