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Script Timeout

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Hi VG team,


I tried to test my script. When [Get Card Number] module asked caller to confirm card number, i pressed '2#'. But it didn't play to the end of sound file, and hang up automatically.


Please check my script and vgEngine.


Thank you for your help.


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Just pressing "2" is enough to indicate that you want to re-enter the number.


The "2" keypress takes you back to entering the number again.


When you press "#" without any other number being entered beforehand then this will result in a "Fail" path being taken - as no number was entered.


In your current script the "Fail" path is not defined in that module, so VoiceGuide hangs up the call.

094945.789   9   3   1 state [Get Card Number] Number Input 809 - confirming
094945.790   9   3   1       PlaySoundStartNumbers select (internal) C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\system\voice\GetNbrsConfirmIntro.wav, C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceGuide\system\voice\GetNbrsConfirmMenu.wav, 809, Digits

094954.069  22   3   1 ev    dtmf 2   (134217729,50,10) iConferenceOtherLegLid=-1, iConferenceOtherLegIvrDevPort=0
094954.070   9   3   1 state [Get Card Number] Number Input
094954.070   9   3   1 state [Get Card Number] Playing wav (PayGetCc.wav)
094954.070   9   3   1       play  start ok, playId=616295
094954.820  22   3   1 ev    dtmf #   (134217729,35,10) iConferenceOtherLegLid=-1, iConferenceOtherLegIvrDevPort=0
094954.820   9   3   1       HangupCall qScr add (*# in LSGetNbrsPlayWelcMsg) crn_in=0, L1=Connected, L2=Running_Normal, lPlayId=616295, lRecId=0

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You can specify


on {Fail} goto ...

on {#} goto ...


paths to better control what happens in your script when callers do not supply any numbers in that module.


You could point the on {#} goto ... path back to the same module, so that if caller inadvertently presses the # before entering any numbers then the module will be restarted and caller will just get the "please enter numbers" prompt played to them again.

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Also, trace shows that VoiceGuide is now registering itself as 17778140677@callcentric.com and that you are placing calls into that system from another phone registered with callcentric: 17778296701@callcentric.com


094226.364   9               voip registration data idx=0: SIP, server: callcentric.com, client: 17778140677@callcentric.com, alias: 17778140677@, expires: 0, prefixes: , options: 
094226.364   9               voip registration call.
094226.364   9               q_tel +     cmd_VoIPProvider_Register 0 [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0][SIP|callcentric.com|17778140677@callcentric.com|17778140677@||||]

094237.950   9   3   1 state <offered> : cid=17778296701@callcentric.com , dnis=17778140677@callcentric.com connected

So looks like this issue: http://voiceguide.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12382 can now be closed?


Can you advise how you resolved that callcentric->callcentric call issue that you were experiencing?

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