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Voiceguide Volume Change?

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I would like to know if there is a way to reduce the volume of a call made through voiceguide. It seems our calls that are going out contain a lot of static and our clients are unhappy with the amount of static on the line. Is there a setting in the config.xml file or anywhere else that we can change the volume rate?

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Could you please post the sound file that is being used.


Most likely the sound file is either not recorded at correct volume and gets amplified by Telco before playing to recipient (which amplifies static too), or the recorded sound file itself has static in it already.


Another possibility is that static is introduced while being transmitted by Telco. Trans-coding from one format to another can introduce static, so if the sound is being compressed and then decompressed while transmitted then static may be introduced there. Some cheaper carriers will degrade sound quality on calls they connect.


Are you using analog or digital lines?


On Digital lines (T1, E1, VoIP) VoiceGuide will transmit the actual bytes that are in the sound file if the sound file is recorded in the right format.


eg. if the sound file is recorded in ULaw (8kHz, 8bit) - the encoding used by most T1 trunks, and many VoIP connections - then the same exact bytes as are in file will be transmitted over the connection from VoiceGuide if the connection is uLaw.


Have you tried playing some of the sound files that came with VoiceGuide and comparing the sound quality when those sound files are transmitted?


Are you connected to PBX? Have you tried placing calls locally to another extension on the PBX and comparing sound quality to the calls that are routed by the Telco ?

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