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Test Call Error

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I have installed virtual machine, to make sure the system just have HMP + VoiceGuide + wireshark, no anti-virus application, i also turned off the firewall.

When i run IP Media Server Demo, wireshark can capture SIP packet. But when i turned off IP Media Server Demo, and start VoiceGuide Status Monitor, wireshark failed to capture. Please check .pcapng file attched.


Thank you for all your support.

Thao Huynh


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Looks like wrong Dialogic VoIP drivers were being made available from our Downloads page for the last week or so.


Please go to the VoiceGuide Download page and download the VoIP drivers that are now available from that page.


The now available drivers are the drivers that need to be used with the current latest available version of VoiceGuide.


Please uninstall VoiceGuide and then uninstall your current Dialogic HMP drivers (do not save any configuration).


Then reboot the system as asked for by the Dialogic HMP uninstall.


Then after Windows restart install the new version Dialogic HMP drivers,


Then reboot the system again.


Then install VoiceGuide.


Please post VoiceGuide debug traces if you still encounter any issues.

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You may need to "Refresh" the Downloads page in your browser, just in case it is still showing an old, cached, version.

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