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Installing Dialog Hmp Software

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Hi VoiceGuide Team,

I have installed Dialogic HMP 3.0 drivers. But when i ran hpettool.exe to test for HPET compatability.

It has errored.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\bin>hpettool.exe /t
Failed to extract driver package.
Failed to extract driver package.
Error: Failed to execute the command.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Dialogic\HMP\bin>
System: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1, 64 bit.
How can fix my problem?
Thank you your help,
Thao Huynh

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Few things to try:


Are you logged in as Administrator while running the hpettool.exe ?


Is the "Command Prompt" and "Admin" version of Command Prompt ?


As this is a 64 bit version of Windows then are you running the 64 bit version of the hpettool.exe ?


Most newer systems support the HPET timer, so if you are using a current version motherboard and CPU then most likely the HPET timer is supported. You may need to confirm if it is enabled in BIOS however.

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I ran hpettool64 again and it's show "HPET is hardware & BIOS supported and is enabled on this system.". Does it work fine?

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