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Ms Sql Db- Sql Error - Vg 7

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I had to switch from using Mysql database to MS Sql. I am unable to place the calls. I am using stored procedure to directly place records into callque table and I also use Loader to place the calls. The result is the same.


Do I need to send me an updated sql stored procedure to generate tables (as you did for Mysql)? or this is a different issue?

I am using exact custom stored procedure to directly place records as I used on VG 6.0 environment.


Please advice.

Logs and script and stored procedure arecustom_storedproc.txtIvrPinnew.vgs attached.


Thank you.


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Please stop the VoiceGuide service, the in VG.INI in section [Log] please set the "VoiceGuide" entry to 20, like this:




Then save the VG.INI and start the VoiceGuide service.


Let VoiceGuide service run for few minutes and then /ZIP up and post the latest vgEngine trace file that was created by the just started VoiceGuide service.

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Also please .ZIP up and post your Config.xml file. (change any passwords first if they are part of the Connection String)


It looks like the current Config.xml has some bad entries in it:


104846.142           db    config OutDialQue_ADODB_Provider = System.Data.SQLClient
104846.142           db    config OutDialQue_Database = myHealth_VG
104846.142           db    config OutDialQue_ConnectString.len = 107
104846.142           db    config OutDialQue_SqlPrefix = LIMIT 1
104846.142           db    config OutDialQue_SqlSuffix = Disable
104846.142           db    config OutDialQue_PortToUse_LinkField = Disable

The OutDialQue_SqlPrefix and OutDialQue_SqlSuffix should be blank if used with MS SQL Server database engine.


Using the settings that are in Config.xml now would result in error when trying to run the resulting SQL that tries to retrieve calls from database.

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