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Why when the script called, it takes long time for the recording to play. The recording is fine when played outside VG.


The script does evaluation of the RV parameter and it calls the branch with the recording based on the value.

Please find one of the recordings attached.




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Please post the trace that captured the call during which the issue occurred. Please indicate which call in the trace we should look at.

We can then see hat happened during the call and advise.


Please note that if outgoing call is to determine whether a live person or an answering machine/voicemail answered the call then something needs to be said/played after call is answered. If nothing is played/said by the party receiving the call after the call is answered then there will be silence on the line as VoiceGuide waits for sound on the line before determining if that sound is from a .lice person or a machine.

This usual cause of "it takes long time for the recording to play" questions is because the person testing the system answers the cal and then says nothing...

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