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Mysql Does Not Save The Log

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vgEngine traces shows that the calltrack entries are saved in database.


Are you referring to the calltrack table entries or another table?

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Hi Support Can you help me?


The Mysql Data Base doesn't save any calltrack. Please help me, I need the statistics.

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The previously posted traces seem to show that the calltrack table is being updated.

eg. from 0124_1022_vgEngine.txt :

103726.502  12               db    Db_UpdateCallTrack call: UPDATE calltrack SET Outcome='Answered_Live', History='dialed@103707, Answered_Live@103726, ', TimeCallAnswered='2017-01-24 10:37:26', RetriesLeft=0 WHERE (QueID=1340 OR QueGUID=@guidDialoutGuid);
103726.504  12               db    Db_UpdateCallTrack returned

Can you please post traces from time when you found that the calltrack table was not updated and we can look at what is happening.


Could you maybe also post what data you can actually see saved in the calltrack table? eg output of SQL "select * from calltrack"

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Hi Team.

All the tables are Empty. I erased the database, VG has rebuilded the tables and I made a call. All the tables are empty but I found and error in 0223_1335_vgDialListLoad.txt file at line 224 (The given value was not in a supported format). Can you help me?

Thank you.


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So that we can replicate your setup can you please advise which version of MySQL is used.


What is the language used on this system?


Is the MySQL installed locally or remotely? If remotely then is it installed on Windows or on another OS ?


( Trace shows that MySql.Data.MySqlClient v6.9.9.0 data connector is used )

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Looking at the traces we can see that an older version Dialer Loader GUI is used on this system.


Could you please do the following:


1. Stop VoiceGuide service and exit all programs.

2. Delete file vgDialListLoad.exe from VoiceGuide directory.

3. Run VoiceGuide install of latest version ans install over the top of existing install

4. Stop VoiceGuide service.

5. Unzip attached file and place the .sql file in VoiceGuide's \system\setup\ directory (overwrite existing verison)

6. Drop all tables in the database schema used by VoiceGuide to store details of outgoing calls. (ie. delete all tables)

7. Start VoiceGuide service. (VoiceGuide will now create tables again using the new SQL script)

8. Start Dial List Loader and load some new calls into the system.


and please post traces as before if you still encounter problems.


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When updating system to latest version of VoiceGuide please use this install:


[old link removed]


This is the latest development build. We can best respond to any provided traces if the latest version is used.

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