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Detecting Other Leg Status

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we found small problem.


We try transfer call using blind connect option. after blind transfer we forward caller to PLAY module to wait for an reaction. In PLAY module we set option DTMF 1 to disconnect (when caller not pick up call) and forward to other module. To free other leg we set VBS module:

set vg = CreateObject("vgServices.CommandLink")
vg.Bridge_Disconnect $RV[Conf_LineId_1], $RV[Conf_LineId_2]
vg.Line_Hangup $RV[Conf_LineId_2]
vg.Run_ResultReturn $RV[Conf_LineId_1], "Success"
set vg = Nothing

but sometimes channel described as $RV[Conf_LineId_2] was release (free for outbound call) and used by other thread (call) and in VBS we hangup other call line.


Can You help to identify if other leg is connected (related, associated) with $RV[Conf_LineId_1] or with other call. and how to make related condition for vg.Line_Hangup $RV[Conf_LineId_2]



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Could you please post full ktTel and vgEngine traces for the day when that the issue occurs. We can then see what happened on the system and advise.

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