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Strange Connecting To Active Channel

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our client (agent) send us recorded call with strange conversation.

agent call to our server on channel 2 and make outbound call to client (tel no 88xxxxxxx) on channel 58.

after start conversation client on channel 58 disconnect, but VG not terminating immediately channel 2.


next client called 10 channel was transfer to channel 58, but connection (between channels, not witch client) channel 2 with 58 was still open.


In this case caller on channel 2 hear Agent on channel 58 active in conversation between channels 10<=>58




1130_ktTel - Kopia.zip


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In attached vgEngine trace there are 22 outgoing calls placed on channel 58 between times 12:29:07 and 12:56:53

(and ktTel trace has 153 outgoing calls on that channel between 07:33:40 and 13:23:19)


Can you advise the times of the two calls that we should be looking at?

Or the telephone number that was dialed on the original call?

Or anything else that will let us identify what calls we need to look at?

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Please post the complete vgEngine trace form which the vgEngine_strange_connection.zip excerpt taken and previous 3 vgEngine traces as well.


We need to be able to see a number of calls to see what has occurred on this system.

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